We find Swift in a tent on my parent's property...this kid is delusional.
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  • McJuggerNuggets

    this kid is on my last nerve. watch part 2:

    • SuperLoopsMusic

      thus was 1 month ago lol

    • ArcticAngel1

      Kevin Halliday Screw Ashley. She’s becoming more unlikeable now.

    • Kevin Halliday
      Kevin Halliday

      Hey do not take him back Ashley is more important than him

    • SuperLoopsMusic

      @ArcticAngel1 yes i saw lol

    • ArcticAngel1

      SuperLoopsMusic Ashley became a psycho.

  • Golden The Savior
    Golden The Savior

    This gets on MY nerve because even if Swift is annoying he still is a Person he even had the balls to say sorry for what he had done but NO you still torment him...I'm dissapointed.


    Pretty hilarious!

  • jj sqaud
    jj sqaud

    Swift does have money because how could he afford gas for the car

  • Ayden K
    Ayden K

    Bro I don't know who you talking about you pick ed Swift over your girlfriend and that's not even funny you never paid Swift


    When is your next video

  • Jim Dayton
    Jim Dayton

    I love this content!

  • John Ryder
    John Ryder

    Dude, swift, shut up and just leave, i know it's fake, but jeez, take a hint. No one wants you around. Psycho dad needs to come knock some sense into you. Besides, when Jesse did eagles landing, he lived at his dad's house. You are an annoying trespasser who could and should go to jail.

  • brent keween
    brent keween

    storyfire phone le you Beze on you channel le

  • Christian Ramirez
    Christian Ramirez

    You eat tacos I love I'm a Mexican bro. Love your vids

  • Kevin Halliday
    Kevin Halliday

    Do not take him back Ashley is more important

  • Migs

    bro its been a while since i've heard that name

  • NathanOfADown

    get fire swif sorry

  • isaac Hoogenboom
    isaac Hoogenboom

    Swift you should just leave him he's literally being mean he remains little time any doesn't pay you very much money you should just leaving not be as cameraman I hate the Nuggets

    • prettygirl 13
      prettygirl 13

      ITS A SeRiEs

  • RedWolf777SG

    Dude, you can get away from eating half cooked meat or fish.....but half cooked chicken? That is an absolute no. You could get serious food poisoning and die from that. There are cases of this happening to some people in the past.😱🤢🤮

  • Bookiemooks

    Like ur the physco kid in story fire 🔥! Is this real?

  • Bookiemooks

    .........Historical!!! Lol Jesse almost cried jesssusss Christ

  • Brian Reviews
    Brian Reviews

    On the cross the heavenly father poured out his wrath and justice on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ... He died for our injustices to give us eternal life, the punishment we deserved was on him, so ... Only two conditions for eternal life 1. Recognize sins through repentance and turn away from them! Abandon your present sins 2. Believe in Jesus Christ the son of God and in his sacrifice of Justice, the Wrath of God and The justice of God was poured out on his Son by all sinners, by all our injustices ... The punishment that we deserved, we carried our savior, he offers us eternal life, not temporary! Lord Jesus died to give us life, in him is life and salvation ... ◄ Acts 4:12 ► And in no other is there salvation, for there is no other name under heaven given among men, by which we can be saved. John 10:28 ► and I give them eternal life and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.

  • Nella Wasinski
    Nella Wasinski

    awww swifttt!!!, you can come live with me hunny ;*

  • Bookiemooks

    Be a man, be a man , be a man!

  • Bookiemooks

    Can we see some proof that she’s actually gone back to her “ home “supposedly

  • Debra Bennett
    Debra Bennett

    It's been a while since i watched...Still acting.I would love to see the real-life you live. Just saying!

  • shadow king
    shadow king

    Nick is a hilarious camera man and he has a really good hand with the camera rock on

  • Bowhunter914

    Dud don’t do this for swift get the girl back dud I have been watching you for a while now swift is turning into the past you

  • Ryan and Matt's gaming Channel
    Ryan and Matt's gaming Channel

    Don’t let switch get to u

  • Bentleys gaming channel
    Bentleys gaming channel

    Oh so you dint kill your dad in 2016

  • ace of Spades rock boys
    ace of Spades rock boys

    i tought mcjuggernuggets quit youtube... strange

  • Keith Quarles
    Keith Quarles

    I'm going to miss Ashley on the channel I have to admit I have a feeling she going to be back on the channel

  • Gaming Master
    Gaming Master

    Remember that you acted like a d bag

  • Gaming Master
    Gaming Master

    Swift stfu you left Jesse for lance

  • Kayla tadla12
    Kayla tadla12

    Why are in love with lance 💓???

  • fendercuber

    Eagles Landing is a MAJOR THROWBACK 😂😂. I can't believe that was half a decade ago.

  • King Stewie
    King Stewie

    Only real fans know that tent swift used was also used to camp at lance210’s house where my og’s at

  • Sadguyvibez BTW
    Sadguyvibez BTW

    Who remembers corn his old camera man

  • Shaggy 1998
    Shaggy 1998

    Please just stop!

  • Shaggy 1998
    Shaggy 1998

    Stop making video’s!!!! You are a terrible person!!!! And I feel soooo bad for lance!!! Like just stooop!!!!

  • Shaggy 1998
    Shaggy 1998

    No more!!!!

  • Shaggy 1998
    Shaggy 1998

    Just stop!!!!!!

  • Shaggy 1998
    Shaggy 1998

    Your sick bro!!! What is wrong with you!!!!!! Get off UZload!!!!!! Just stop!!!!!

  • Regito

    Or you can always talk to Juliet I'm sure she can give u another shot I mean she was your first

  • Regito

    Jessie you're giving up too easy call Ashley and fight for her let Ashley know that she is the one let her know that she is the one you want let her know that she's the only one for you and one more thing never choose somebody else over your girl

  • FuZe Epic
    FuZe Epic

    You use swift for viewers

  • Andrew Foster
    Andrew Foster

    You. Should do a kidnapped series

  • Xavier Edwards
    Xavier Edwards

    Is mcjuggernuggets still living off past glories???

  • Carla Kline
    Carla Kline

    Jesse rigway l love your videos so much by the way i need to know who is your camraman

  • Danny Spence
    Danny Spence

    Who remember when his dad destroyed his consoles and games

  • alex rhea
    alex rhea

    nobody likes you mcjuggernugetts

  • Reco Gt
    Reco Gt

    Why does everyone hate swift so much?

  • André Ramos
    André Ramos

    If Quarantine stereotypes knew music:

  • Andrzej Sadłoń
    Andrzej Sadłoń

    Your dad is the World's Worst dad ever

    • Richard Compton
      Richard Compton


  • Mely Diza Tubin
    Mely Diza Tubin

    Did you miss your father you just killed your father and if your father hate you that means he loves you

    • Richard Compton
      Richard Compton

      That comment didn't make any sense whatsoever, and he didn't kill him dumbass, his dad is alive. That was all fake.

  • Marla Wilcox
    Marla Wilcox

    Swift's playing with fire

  • Layla Adams
    Layla Adams

    You killed your own dad

    • Richard Compton
      Richard Compton

      That was fake dumbass, all part of a series he made.

  • James Russell
    James Russell

    Nick sounds like the guy in the stepmom vids behind the camera, like were not supposed to be doing this stepmom😂😂

  • kervin ruiz figueroa
    kervin ruiz figueroa

    Hey so I stop watching this channel when you know the series finish and he came out saying you know it was all and act after that I stop watching this UZload channel so does he still do like fake videos or are the new videos like vlogs about his life like real stuff or what

  • Carlos

    Are we just going to forget the fact that he killed his dad

    • Richard Compton
      Richard Compton

      Are you going to forget the fact that it didn't actually happen? It was fake dude, his dad's alive, it was just part of a series he made.

  • Brendon Yuri
    Brendon Yuri

    que paso

  • HeroOfTime

    Dude I get that swift is annoying and I agree sometime but Nick just screams tool to me. Like guys a snake. I'd take swift over nick any day

  • HitYoDick420 Official
    HitYoDick420 Official

    Never fails to astonish me how people believe all this is real...

    • HitYoDick420 Official
      HitYoDick420 Official

      Viktoria Vandenbongard Yes, that is exactly what my comment is implying here.

    • Viktoria Vandenbongard
      Viktoria Vandenbongard

      Its not

    • Fake-Darth-Vader Channel
      Fake-Darth-Vader Channel

      Jessie Ridgeway The Master of Mind Games

    • Aussie Predator Hunter
      Aussie Predator Hunter

      @ÃĐÂM James I agree he's good at creating storylines,

    • ÃĐÂM James
      ÃĐÂM James

      Its bc jess is a great creator and his story telling is phenomenal

  • Lordy XD Quiambao
    Lordy XD Quiambao

    I just can't you just killed your own father

    • Richard Compton
      Richard Compton

      It was fake dude, none of that was ever real, his dad is still alive. Everything Jesse does is always part of a fake, staged, scripted(call it whatever you want) series he's making, and everyone in that series is just playing a character. Nothing in his videos is ever actually happening, it's just part of the story.

  • Roblox Media
    Roblox Media

    ur dad is crazy right?

  • Yo Howard
    Yo Howard

    Ahhh the good old days

  • Richard Elton
    Richard Elton

    How did the chicken cross the road? It did cause it's still raw!

  • Sweet Corn
    Sweet Corn

    😘😘♥️♥️to Jesse

  • Logans buff
    Logans buff

    You going co co

  • Andrew McGowan
    Andrew McGowan

    He's not right in the head

  • wolfpack 2437
    wolfpack 2437

    Funny asf😂

  • Drew Shaver
    Drew Shaver

    Is this acting? What kind of fucking content is this?

  • Casper Craft
    Casper Craft

    Congrats on 4 million subscribers

  • NoTiC_MiNiON 510
    NoTiC_MiNiON 510

    Bro I was literally watching Eagles Landing the other day but yeah dude 2020 how the time flew by

  • Matt Flood
    Matt Flood

    I'll watch

  • Matt Flood
    Matt Flood

    Do more videos like this please

  • The Random New Yorker
    The Random New Yorker

    I do miss old videos basically psycho videos where it’s Jesse Corn Jeffery Larry and Psycho dad I just don’t like the newer videos with swift and the other stuff they do

  • Payton Wasson
    Payton Wasson

    Yore a jerk nick

  • ArachnidPlays

    if i ever blow up from rapping, jess, im promoting you to be my manager

  • MrKrazyKilla

    The more and more I watch this, is the moment I realise swift is acting alot like boogie when he camped at his parents house 😂

  • Brianna Hardman
    Brianna Hardman

    Next video psycho dad finds out that Swift is living in Psycho dad woods and psycho dad demolishes swifts tent with his backhoe back when Jesse did eagles landing

  • Vicky sticky ahhh !!!!!!
    Vicky sticky ahhh !!!!!!

    Screw Ashley bro she was using you for fame anyway

  • Johnny Lee Ray
    Johnny Lee Ray

    "This is the last video Swift will ever be in" ANNOYING FAN RECREATES EAGLES LANDING gets uploaded

  • Leroy The Alien Gamer
    Leroy The Alien Gamer

    You need to tell your parents about him and the police to get him off the property

    • Richard Compton
      Richard Compton

      The cops aren't going to do anything, they know that anything Jesse does is always part of a fake series he's making.

  • K Explicit
    K Explicit

    Lmao mcjuggernuggets is a joke channel lies for years, has 10 hear olds defending him saying he isn't fake forever then he finally fesses up. Now your vids making a fraction of the views and your sub count has barely made a dent since you came out as basically gay.

    • 0 RightfulCrazyCaleb 0
      0 RightfulCrazyCaleb 0

      @K Explicit, You do realize all of his Channel is lies because he’s a story teller...the Lance storyline was a mini-series, and so on. I only know this as I am a actor and story creator like him, even if I haven’t made any proper stories I understand what he is doing and why he does it. So please before you judge a channel think about what the person on the channel is trying to do and why, because you may not see the full picture my friend.

  • Gary Fletcher
    Gary Fletcher

    Too lazy to even nuke the taco's in a microwave for a few minutes

  • Glitches InTheMatrix
    Glitches InTheMatrix

    im the OG i was subbed before eagles landing

  • GJ Minecraft
    GJ Minecraft

    This was probaly recorded a 2 days to a week before the buzz cut.

  • Margarita Nunez
    Margarita Nunez

    did you go to jail after killing your dad???

    • Richard Compton
      Richard Compton

      Why would he go to jail when that never actually happened?

  • Wolf.GT13 Gaming
    Wolf.GT13 Gaming

    too much excuses from him

  • Wolf.GT13 Gaming
    Wolf.GT13 Gaming

    Do not fall for it again dot do any favors for him he needs to grow up

  • Jessica Ronning
    Jessica Ronning



    Im waiting for you to leave UZload

  • ImMattika

    Tbh even if this is a series i kinda agree with swift, Jessie is becoming to much of a cooperate company always talking about story fire and getting us to try it out (which is fine i guess) but its like he don't even care about the platform i know issue are bad rn on it cause of the ai etc, but swift is right anyone else agree I don't hate Jessie hes just being to cooperate.

  • FunnyBoyGaming FBG
    FunnyBoyGaming FBG

    I remember watching that video That's funny that fan was Nick lol

  • Keaton Ferrin
    Keaton Ferrin

    This channels dies by the day RIP💗

  • verydumb • 27 years ago • edited
    verydumb • 27 years ago • edited

    Psycho Kid reacts to Halo Infinite 8 minute gameplay

  • Aotag

    I thought he quit UZload

  • Dipa Abraham
    Dipa Abraham

    What the hell even that?

  • Tammy Collins
    Tammy Collins

    I have stopped watching and unsubscribed tired of the back and forth crap with youtube and story fire.. You just get into it then you have to go to story fire for part 2.. NO THANKS...

  • F34R PUMA
    F34R PUMA

    Only ogs remeber corn

  • Matt's Channel
    Matt's Channel

    Psycho series2?????

  • Dacoda Dollinger
    Dacoda Dollinger

    Swift is annoying and gets on my nerves but he has a point jesse was staying in a rv on someone elses property so what is the difference in swift staying in a tent on Jesse dads property...both of them are in the wrong and it shouldnt be done

  • HyPe

    Ngl no one has simpothy for either of u your dragging out this over used series and also lie I’m leaving UZload 2019 2020 dad I want my channel back and story fire is not gonna take over UZload I like ur vids but ur not

2.1 mln
2.1 mln